The Different Types Of Dish Racks


Dish racks are crucial for utensil drying and organizing. The best thing about them is that they come in different types. Furthermore, some such as those found at Pusdon are best used for different purposes and various positions in your kitchen. Therefore, knowing the different types available is essential if you wish to buy the dish racks. Thus, below is a simple guide to the different types of dish racks.

A simple guide to the different types of dish racks

1. Magnetic fridge rack

The magnetic fridge rack contains a magnet that allows it to stick on your fridge’s door. The magnetic fridge rack can be used to store light utensils such as spoons. Its position on your fridge ensures that you get to save on your kitchen space. Furthermore, the magnetic fridge rack is especially suitable for small kitchen spaces. It helps in reducing clutter and offers more kitchen space while at the same time maximizing the space available.

2. Pot racks

Pots are one of the kitchen utensils that are frequently used. Therefore, they need to be stored in a place that makes it easy for you to take them out and return them easily. Therefore, pot racks are essential. They are mountable on your kitchen wall, thus making storing easy. Furthermore, the mounting of pots on your wall can be very decorative. Additionally, arranging them from small to big ensures that your kitchen wall also looks fantastic and provides perfect decor.

3. Elevated dish racks

Elevated dish racks are usually positioned above kitchen equipment such as the toaster or microwave. Their position ensures that the small space in one’s kitchen is completely utilized. Furthermore, they are excellent looking, thus making your kitchen appear incredible.

4. Wall-mounted dish racks

The wall-mounted dish racks are affordable and the most commonly used dish rack in most households. They can be mounted at any place in your kitchen. They are made from strong materials that ensure the rack’s firmness. Furthermore, they can act as an excellent kitchen décor when used and when not. Their primary function is to allow room for your utensils to dry up after washing. Furthermore, they also ensure that your kitchen space is all saved up.

5. Dish drying rack over the sink

The dish drying rack over the sink is positioned over the sink. Its position is perfect for drying utensils. Moreover, water that drops from the utensils easily gets into the sink, thus reducing the sink’s chances of messing up. Furthermore, the dish drying rack is perfectly positioned for placing dishes after cleaning.

6. Rolling dish rack

The rolling dish rack has wheels at the bottom. The wheels ensure that you can push the rack in whatever position you want. Furthermore, it makes it easy to push the rack in whatever direction you want.


There are different dish racks, as you can see from above. The different parts are best used for various uses. But the most common function is that they help you save on space and have excellent kitchen design. Therefore, the type of dish rack you choose should be compatible with your requirements.


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