Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Parking Lot Lighting To Led



Did you know that lighting parking lots with LED reduces car-consuming energy and illuminates the car and can increase your business rate by 200%? Car dealers are often looking for energy-saving tactics that reduce costs and still maintain the right amount of illumination without incurring more expenses. LED lights for parking lots aims to provide that solution.

The LED lights illuminate at 140 lumens per watts, remain consistently sustained for up to 54,000 hours, and add glam to your products. Various types of LED lights can suit your parking lots and also suit your budget. These lights are structured to prevent too much glare hence preventing harsh effects on the environment and residents and avoiding the violation of local laws. To see more about the LED lighting, source

Properties of LED parking lot lights

  • There are not easily prone to breakage.
  • The technology is structured in a way that electricity converts to a light.
  • The technology used reduces the emissions of harmful substances and carbon into the environment.

Reasons to use LED for parking lots of lightning

  • It makes items (cars) look accurate and glamorous with its higher Colour Rendering Index (CRI).
  • The products are safe, light, durable, reliable, and steady.
  • LED lights generate very little heat compared to its counterparts and so do not wear out easily.
  • The light is directional, which conserves more energy and cost than other systems and still maintains an accurate level of brightness throughout its lifetime.
  • The lights that emanate from LED does not change the color of the car over time.
  • Pole lights with Slipfitter mounts provide a more accurate and precise light distribution.
  • Its Retrofit kits are budget constrained and help in changing shoebox fixtures.
  • It is a modern lightning technique with updated and sophisticated technology programmed to deliver high quality.
  • It helps in reducing damages to the environment as well as operational costs.
  • Appropriate dimming and prevention of spills are achieved with LED parking lot lighting.
  • Dusk to Dawn lighting is achieved using photocells.
  • LED also features accessories like cables, brackets, photocells, and mounting arms
  • LED lighting leaves a better impression on customers and improves navigation and visibility
  • LED’s brightening can help in reducing criminal activities
  • It can guarantee 13 years of use, even when used at 12 hours per day.
  • It provides wireless communication control.
  • It serves as a good means of advertisement and draws customer attention to your business area hence increasing profits.
  • It also reduces electricity bills and saves about 40% energy and are quite easy to maintain


LED lighting in parking lots has provided a way to effectively and efficiently carry out business activities, even with the night sky. There are one too many reasons why this modern lightning technology has proven to be a better lighting choice than its counterparts, such as the HID. There are ample examples and reasons stated on the internet regarding the use and benefits of LED lighting technology.


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