Top 20 latest Kenyan songs in 2019

The latest Kenyan songs show a great sign of improvement in the creative space. This is seen in their creative visuals and eloquent audio. Their lyrics are also worth applauding. These songs have been creatively written to suit the entertainment needs of the growing Kenyan audience. Some of the notable names in the music scene that have made an impact include Kaligraph Jones — with his fast rap style, Otile Brown — with his Swahili R&B and the energetic group, Ethics — with their controversial but very entertaining songs.

Recently, there was a public campaign promoting local songs, dubbed Play Kenyan Music that aimed at increasing the consumption of local content. This campaign helped the key stakeholders note the challenges facing the Kenyan music industry, which include quality and lack of proper technical support. The latest songs have factored in these challenges during their production and have been tailor-made to meet the market expectation successfully. However, artists like Sauti Sol, PHY, Fena, Elani and Hart the Band have had a good run in the past, thus enjoying significant support from the audience. Here are 20 top Kenyan hits 2019. Find a favourite and make it your ringtone.

1. Masauti – Sare

Masauti is known for his, usikate tamaa track, which was a motivational love song that encourages lovers to stick by each other despite the tough times. Sare is yet another beautifully done song with good quality visuals from Nezzoh Montana.

Sare is a love song where the persona in the song proclaims his love for his lover. In one of his verses, Masauti says, “umenifanya zuzu umenikoroga,ndio maana kwako mi siwezi toka kabisa nimeganda,nimeganda.” This is an admission of love, a statement of absolute conviction and a need to be loved. If you are looking for the right words to communicate love for your better half, then this song will get the job half done for you.

2. Kaligraph Jones – Beat It

Beat It is part of Testimony 1990, one of Kaligraph’s mind blowing albums. Published on Feb 13, 2019, Beat It has elicited mixed reactions from the audience and formed the basis of discussions on social media and other entertainment news outlets. This is why:

Apparently, according to the song, Jones had a girl who he loved more than anything, but she cheated on him, in his house and elsewhere. He claims that he made her a diva from a broke b!t(h. The OG goes ahead to claim that he found out her antics and decided to move on.

Beat It is a bitter song from a cheated lover. On the flip side, it has good quality visuals and great audio.

3. Jux ft Nyashinski – Incase You Don’t Know

Arguably, this is a collaboration made in heaven. Published on Feb 12, 2019, Incase You Don’t Know is your ultimate love song, with over 1.4million views on YouTube.

Jux is a celebrated bongo artist with tunes such as Uzuri Wako, which had a good reception. Nyashinski, on the other hand, is a lyrical maestro. He plays with words to create the perfect symphony. Listening to him makes one wonder what life would be if African folk songs still ruled the African entertainment world because the grip one gets when listening to Nyashinski is similar to the connection one has when listening to traditional folk songs. Incase You Don’t Know is nothing short of glorious. It hits the heart at the right angle and makes lovers merry. It is a hit.

4. King Kaka ft Romain Virgo – One and Only

The self-proclaimed king of Kenyan rap, Rabbit, is a force. To prove his dominance in his area of expertise, Rabbit has collaborated with Romain Virgo, the mind behind Rich In Love tune, in his latest hit One and Only. The song, which is directed by Tokodi, a renowned Kenyan actor, is 3.33 minutes of pure bliss. It is a love song.


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