Kenyan Passport Tracking 2018

The launch of e-services in Kenya has enabled Kenyans to seek government services without sweating. If you remember well, the process of applying for and collecting your passport in Kenya was a total mess, as applicants still have to wait 8 weeks to get their passports. These 8 weeks were not just for the wait, but also for countless visits to Nyayo House, which ended with “it was not ready yet, please try it in a week or two.” Today, thanks to the upgrades, the blind wait madness and the Kenyan passport tracking has been simplified. This article will show you how to track your passport status from the comfort of your own home .

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In an offer to integrate their services, the Kenya Migration Department has rolled out new types of passports that contain chips containing every detail and biometrics store over the holders. These passports have ungraded security features and technologies that prevent information from flying over. Electronic passports are part of the larger East African method of improving reunification in the East African Community. The International Civil Organization introduces all these passports and tracks them using a radio line installed in the chip.



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