Kayan Mata: Northern Nigeria’s Market for Sex

Growing global demand for sex-related products and increasing awareness of sexual wellness are spurring a boom in the global sex industry Amid rising demand for lingerie, contraceptives, condoms, lubricants, sex toys, etc., Business insider predicts the global sex market will grow by nearly 7% each year up till 2021.

Despite its conservative culture and proclivity to avoid sexual matters, Nigeria’s sex industry is evolving just as fast. Without aggregate numbers to establish this, we can turn to anecdotes from vendors who claim to make millions of naira each year by selling sex toys and enhancers. Kemi Fawole, a popular sex therapist, rakes in ₦7 million each year from selling adult products. Another vendor, Bisi Obe, earned over ₦3 million in 6 months from sex toy sales.

Read more at https://www.stearsng.com/article/kayan-mata-northern-nigerias-market-for-sex

and http://sirwebsreport.com.ng/2019/05/21/kayan-mata-northern-nigerias-market-for-sex/

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