Gimpa courses and fees: List of programs offered in 2018

As a public tertiary institution, GIMPA was established with the mandate to train public servants of Ghana, through its GIMPA courses. It aims at equipping them with administrative and professional competence in different fields of leadership and management hence enable them to plan and administer national, regional and local level services in the both the public and private sectors.

GIMPA offers a variety of courses tailor made for all levels of leaderships and management. GIMPA courses are in areas of competence leading to the award of certificates, diplomas and degrees up to the doctoral level.

Today, GIMPA has transformed itself into the leading management development institute that is an independent public tertiary institution with financial and operational autonomy. The Institute and GIMPA’s courses are accredited by the National Accreditation Board.

The GIMPA institute has powers to award degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic training distinctions to persons who successfully complete courses of study designed by the institute and agreed upon by the council established under section 5 of the GIMPA Act, 2004 (Act 626); and approved by the National Accreditation Board. Gimpa also award honorary degrees agreed upon by the council





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